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 Amsterdam Shopping



Amsterdam is no fashion capital like Paris or Duesseldorf. It is more of a place to hunt for bargains and feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Prices are relatively low compared to other European capitals and Amsterdam has a wide selection of fashions, shoes, books, accessories, antiques, and unique gifts to choose from. Most shops close at 6:00 p.m. and on Thursday nights most shops are open until 9:00 p.m. Shops in the center are open on Sunday, usually between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The shopping streets are extremely crowded on Sundays as a large number of people from the surrounding areas pour into Amsterdam to do their shopping. So beware! If you're looking for major bargains, check out the Waterlooplein Market for a wide selection of classy second hand goodies. Recently Amsterdam has become a magnet for art collectors who come to the city in order to buy art pieces and antiques, but also rare books or home decor. Nieuwe Spiegelgracht Canal is the best spot in town to shop for art& antiques.

So shopping in Amsterdam is not just an exercise in retail therapy, more a voyage of discovery! But there are several large department stores and fashion shops, so whatever you are looking for, you have a great chance of finding it in Amsterdam! Below you'll find an overview of great places to go shopping!


'The 9 streets' (De 9 straatjes)
The 9 streets is a shopping area along the canals on the west side of the city centre near the Dam square. Whether you are planning to buy something or not, strolling through the area alone is simply fantastic. The '9 streets' were constructed in the first half of the 17th century and has since been dominated by trade and culture. The old merchant houses with its traditional Dutch gables are all still intact and house a variety of exclusive shops, restaurants and hotels.
City centre and south
A route of exclusive shops spreads out from the heart of the city in the direction of the Oud Zuid (the most southern part of the city centre). From the Dam square, turn into the Kalverstraat, one of the liveliest shopping streets of Amsterdam. At the end of the Kalverstraat you’ll find the Kalvertoren, a large department store with shops. Continuing southwards you’ll come to the Leidsestraat and its prominent fashion department store Metz & Co. Here you'll also find several diamond houses. As you continue, you’ll get to the Museumplein square. Check out P.C. Hooftstraat for fashion by famous Dutch designers.
Art and antiques
For centuries, Amsterdam has been famous for its antiques and art shops. Good places to go are the Rokin or the Spiegelkwartier, which has become the new antique area of Amsterdam. Here you'll find numerous paintings, ceramics, glass, coins, furniture and books. You name it! It is said that the Spiegelkwartier has more antiques shops per square foot than anywhere else in the world. Amsterdam also has 141 art galleries in the Rokin and Spiegelkwartier area. The Galleries have a mix of well-known artists and up and coming talent.
If bargain hunting is your thing, you've come to the right place. Amsterdam has many markets spread out over the city, but there are a few that you must visit! Waterlooplein market is Amsterdam's best known flea market. The Albert Cuyp market is a lively commodity market and great fun to walk through. The market traders will try and sell you their goods by telling great stories! So stop and listen over a cup of coffee!


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