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 Houston Basic


Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city, home to 2 million people and a hub of international businesses. Houston’s leaders are also focusing their attention on making their city not only a great place to live, but a great place to visit as well. Houston has become a legendary travel destination that can be summed up in one word — more. As an urban vacation spot, there are more places to go, more people to see and more fun to be had than any other city in the south. Relaxing is easy, with great golf courses, beautiful parks, sumptuous spas, inspiring museums, spectacular shopping and great family fun.


Houston has a humid subtropical climate, prevailing winds bringing in the heat from the deserts of Mexico and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico during most of the year. Summers are swelteringly hot and humid, making air-conditioning a necessity rather than a luxury. Summers are characterized by afternoon thunderstorms, which bring rain most days, and sometimes tornadoes. Winters, by contrast, are cool and temperate, with no snow but some rain. The coolest month is January.

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