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 Houston Shopping



Rice Village
A walking tour of one of Houston's more enjoyable shopping sites, Rice Village is located near Rice University.

Galleria Mall Galleria Mall is the end-all of Houston mall shopping. There are several stores inside that touch everything from the homegrown to the haughty. It's really a nice microcosm of Houston as you're just as likely to see a celebrity as you are a homeless guy.

Katy Mills Like your malls a little more suburban? Katy Mills is your place then. There are more than a couple hundred stores at this Katy shopping hot spot. And they offer valet parking Friday – Sunday

The Shops at Houston Downtown shopping collective The Shops at Houston is a convenient and welcome diversion from the bustle of an unreasonable work day.

Uptown Park Spas, medical and financial services, posh restaurants; but perhaps unfairly priced, Uptown Park. They are billed as a "European-Style Shopping Experience," but they're surprisingly bereft of guys in black and white striped shirts.

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