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Oxford Street
is one and a half miles end to end. Most shops open at 10am until 6 or 7pm. Some open Sunday 12 to 6pm with late nights on Thursday. Oxford Street is best known for Selfridges and the other big department stores which are all found in the section from Marble Arch to Oxford Circus, along with most of the big-name multinationals.Oxford Street also takes it’s place on the Monopoly board as part of a set with Bond Street and Regent Street.

Regent Street - the shops here can all appear rather uniform due to the regulations that they must blend in with the elegant architecture of the street. Regent Street has similar shop opening hours to Oxford Street. Regent Street can be a draw for the crowds for a variety of reasons, from the switching-on of the Christmas lights by the big-name celebrity of the time to the annual Regent Street Festival.

Last year, five hundred thousand people are thought to have turned out to see a selection of Formula 1 cars drive the length of Regent Street, an event which has ignited interest in the idea of a F1 Grand Prix.

Covent Garden is one of the top shopping and entertainment areas in city. Filled with exquisite restaurants and big fashion labels, it has become a popular venue for tourists to visit. It is also the home for the Royal Opera House and the London Transport Museum.You can find the widest choice of cafes and restaurants plus the street entertainment for which Covent Garden is well known.

Bond Street in Mayfair is home to the most elegant and expensive shops in city. Designer clothing such as Gucci and Armani; perfume; art and antiques; and more Royal Warrant holders (suppliers to the royal family) than anywhere else in london.

Tottenham Court Road divides neatly into electronics shops in the southern half (Oxford Street end), and home furnishing stores in the northern half (Warren Street end). Nearby Charlotte Street is popular for its good collection of restaurants.

Picadilly And Jeremy Street is home to the The Ritz Hotel and the Fortnum and Mason department store which has stood at the same site for almost three hundred years. The Royal Academy art institute is on the north side of Piccadilly at Burlington House. Parallel to Piccadilly to the south, is quieter Jermyn Street with its long-established menswear shops, especially shirtmakers.

Carnaby Street is the cheerful pedestrianised area in north Soho just behind Regent Street. The area has seen a lot of changes in the last few years, especially at the southern end of Carnaby Street, where in addition to a number of new stores, there is now a passage through to Kingly Court with three floors of one-off 'concept' shops and studios where it is possible to find items not sold anywhere else in city.


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